In-Season Programs

Designed for players who desire a professional career in rugby, these programs provide a fantastic opportunity to progress in terms of technical, tactical and physical development, putting you in paramount position to gain selection into the Queensland and Australian elite player development pathway or to simply achieve your rugby goals.

3-Month In-Season Program

Dates: Monday 13 March 2017 – Friday 2 June 2017

This programs objectives are to:
        – Develop and improve specific aspects of your game
        – Provide direct feedback on training and match performance 
        – Deliver a suitable training load to ensure peak performance
        – Strengthen and/or rehabilitate injuries (both minor and major)

This Program will include training that involves; skills, gym, speed, player education and will be position specific. We often include Nutrition courses and/or Pilates as a part of this program depending on availability.

8-Week In-Season Program

Dates: Monday 12 June 2017 – Friday 5 August 2017

This program is primarily focused on achieving your short term rugby goals, all while becoming fitter, faster and stronger. It will ensure you are playing to the best of your ability at the business end of the season, when it really counts! We often include Nutrition courses and/or Pilates as a part of this program depending on availability.

These programs attract interstate and overseas players from as far afield as the USA, Japan, South Africa and England, and is open to anyone with a passion to improve their game. Players from the UK usually take part in the these programs as part of the SportsLived Company.

We offer a range of options for players wishing to participate in a pre-season or annual program, and the UQRA is of comparable quality to provincial academy programs in terms of:

  • Resources and education
  • World class facilities
  • Coaching and physical development expertise
  • Sports science services
  • Elite athlete management

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